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So that you can experience grounding, pleasure, and liberation at (and beyond) your pelvis.

Sex Ed and Anatomy 101 barely scratch the surface. The pelvis influences so much, but instead of reverence, it's usually associated with shame and disconnect. We're here to help change that narrative.

Pelvic education, 
and support

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Your pelvic muscles and alignment contribute to a strong and complete core. They also have the potential to impact your breathing, peeing, pooping, sex, and orgasm.

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Your pelvic tissues can store unexpressed emotions such as shame, self doubt, unfulfillment, and fear. Left unchecked, they can cause physical symptoms.

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Your pelvic space is home to your root chakra (energy of safety and abundance), your sacral chakra (energy of pleasure and play), and your wombspace (energy of creation and intuition).

what does Pelvic Empowerment look like?

Pelvic Empowerment speaks to a lot of different topics, but the bottom line is always healing at the pelvis so you can live life as your most authentically expressed self. Take a look at some examples:

Sex: You have the best orgasms of your life because shame is no longer running the show.  

Sensuality: You feel turned on because your sensation is turned all the way up! 

Body Image: You actually feel love when looking at your penis/vulva.

Relationships: You can tell your partner about your sexual history AND current attractions.

Periods: You take off work when you're bleeding to let your body rest.

Trauma: You stop judging your past and breathe into your pelvis to self-source safety. 

Birth: You say no to your provider when you don't consent to their idea.

Gender Expression: You ignore the boxes & constructs and bring your own unique light (at full volume).

Pelvic Empowerment means you are in tune with your body,  you know what you want, and you know how to claim it... shamelessly. 

Sound like something you want? Already have an idea of your own unique version? We're here to help you make it a reality!

Ways to Receive

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Retreats & Ceremonies

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Private Services

What's so special about the pelvis?

We believe that the pelvis is a springboard for all types of deeper healing. How? Because all pelvic themes require you to go deeper and ask questions that liberate so much more than *just* your pelvis.


Here are some examples of pelvic themes and the deeper healing associated with each:

Body Love - beliefs about self, influence from others, societal constructs

Sex - shame, self worth, performance, surrender

Bleeds - connection to nature, people pleasing, ability to flow

Pregnancy - relationship to pain, birth, and death; self trust

Gender Expression - authenticity, being seen/heard, self acceptance

Relationships - boundaries, communication, desire

And there is soooo much more!

The pelvis is a gateway. Do the inner work here and watch as your whole life transforms!

The pillars of our work


| Structure | Logic | Understanding |

There is a profound reverence that stems from true understanding. We curate our educational resources to build a solid foundation of clarity so that when you connect with your pelvis you are coming from a place of deeply knowing yourself.

Our educational tools include teachings on the traditional sciences (anatomy, physiology, psychology, etc) as well as ancestral and intuitive knowledge.


| Feeling | Receiving | Integrating |

Western medicine tends to fall short when it focuses too narrowly on symptoms and purely logical solutions. When it comes to the pelvis, it is monumentally important to ask "how does this feel?"

Embodiment work is the piece that takes healing from theoretical to experiential. We help you explore the deeper layers by carefully crafting experiences to help your body express all that its holding and integrate new growth in a way that feels sustainable and aligned.

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| Holding | Exploring | Deepening |

There is a special type of magic that happens when you allow yourself to be fully seen and surrender into receiving support. We pride ourselves on offering a lot of free value because we believe this information is your birthright. But when you're needing to be held and guided in an intimate way, our one-on-one services are personalized to meet you exactly where you are and hold you higher to meet your next evolution. 

This work is for all people.

Gods, Goddesses, and all magical creatures are welcome!

Pelvic Health hasn't always been mainstream. "Women's Health" is only just starting to take more of a front row seat, and even still, it is often lacking.


Our mission is to create a culture where cis-women, cis-men, trans people, and non-binary people can come to learn about their pelvic space, access holistic perspectives, receive compassionate care, and feel empowered with the tools to create their most liberated life!

Your pelvis is sacred, no matter what. If this feels like what you've been looking for, we welcome you!!

 Topics we are Passionate About: 

- Pelvic Floor Health & Wellness

- Menstruation and Holistic Birth Control

- Womb, Intuition, and Trauma Healing

- Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum

- Vulva-, Penis-, and Gender Affirming- Care

- Sexuality and Orgasm

- Sensuality, Pleasure, and Expression

- Pelvic Energetics and Spirituality

- Conversations for Kids, Teens, and Parents

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Your Vision

Empowerment means you know what you want and you know how to claim it (shamelessly). 

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Your path to Pelvic Empowerment gets to look however you want.

We want to be a resource for you.

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You are a divine being.

You deserve to know your body.
You deserve to love your body.
You deserve to listen your body.

You deserve safety.
You deserve pleasure.
You deserve liberation.

Our ancestors knew. Your inner god/dess knows. It's time to reclaim it. 

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