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Embodiment Tools For Pelvic Empowerment

True Empowerment is an inward, felt experience.

Without embodiment work, healing remains surface level - either in the mind (concept based) or in the body (symptom based). And while healing without embodiment work can get you far, it won't help you reach your full potential.

The body remembers everything. It stores ancestral and personal memory. In order to dissolve shame and receive pleasure in all areas of life, the whole system has to be ready to take on a new paradigm.

Embodiment work gives us an opportunity to dialogue with our body, find limiting beliefs, stretch our edges, and integrate new versions of reality. This is the slow, intimate work that allows healing to feel safe and sustainable.

"This feels like the missing link!"

We love hearing this! And we get it a lot! Because THIS is the piece that actually connects you to your body. Embodiment work isn't typically taught in medical schools and is often lumped in with either psychology or the "woo-woo" world. We're here to make embodiment work feel accessible and non-intimidating. 

So what does Embodiment work actually look like?

To em-BODY is to take on (a new) or to become aware of (your current) full body experience. It is both the unconditional love and acceptance for now and the trust and aligned action for your future self. Embodiment work is the collective term for the tools and practices that support this process.

This can look like self reflection, mind-body connection, breathwork, self soothing, intuitive movement - really anything that helps you connect deeper to self. This amplifies healing and expansion because it puts you and your felt experience at the center of the process.  

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Retreats & Ceremony

You are a divine being.-17.png







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