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Pelvic Empowerment Coaching

Our Signature Offer!

  • 1 hour
  • 150 US dollars
  • Virtual

Service Description

Your pelvis is a portal of POWER. Physically, emotionally, and energetically, your pelvis influences your experience of life in dramatic ways. In these 60 minute sessions, you and one of our Pelvic Empowerment Coaches dive into all the layers together! You can use this session to focus on pelvic education, embodiment practices, or both!! As long as its related to the pelvis and connecting you back to your power, pretty much anything goes! Our goal is to help you define your authentic vision, reframe and limiting beliefs, translate your body's unique language, and enact a plan to help you feel EMPOWERED. Some topics we typically explore include: pelvic function (peeing, pooping, orgasm, etc), sexual expression, sensuality, menstruation, birth prep, and/or menopause (among others). Some related themes that often come up include: somatic holding, shame in the pelvis, nervous system regulation, inner child integration, prioritizing self, inner masculine/feminine balance, and/or releasing constructs (among others). Some activities/tools you might experience are: customized education, guided journey, pelvic breathing, visualization, self pelvic massage, and/or intuitive movement (among others).

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