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Retreats & ceremonies

Intimate, customized experiences to support your journey on the deepest level!


We love hosting retreats because it offers a real opportunity to step away from the day to day demands and immerse fully into your intention. At a retreat, there's room to breathe... the medicine is continuous, as you allow yourself to soften and receive day after day.

Our offerings are ever changing, so be sure to check back often. And as always, if you have a specific desire or request, please feel free to reach out!

Current Offerings

Somatic Pelvic Healing Immersion

Scheduled by Request | Private Vacation Rental | Cost Varies

Ongoing and personalized care. Receive bodywork, physical therapy, coaching, and/or embodiment work over the course of 3 to 5 days to allow your nervous system to unwind and receive healing in a slow, powerful way. 

By application only. To request more information click here

Screen Shot 2023-03-15 at 6.35.07 PM.png
Ambrosia: Womb Arts Immersion

March 26-31st, 2023 | Huatulco, Mexico *NEW DATES COMING SOON*

An all-inclusive retreat dedicated to honoring both the science and the sacred wisdom of the womb. For those looking to expand their practice as well as for those looking to receive sacred healing and nourishment. 

Learn More Here


Western society has lost touch with the importance of intentional, sacred ceremony. The ceremonies we have kept hold of (weddings, baby dedications, funerals, etc) have become very commercialized and "more for the guests" than for the honoree itself.


At the core, a ceremony is simply an intentional pause to witness and honor YOU - your journey now and where your journey is going. Transition and evolution are a sacred part of nature. Part of our mission is to make connection to the sacred feel accessible again. 

Some ceremonies we would love to support you in include:

- Maiden to Mother

- Postpartum/Closing of the Bones

- Pre or Post Surgery

- Menarche (First Bleed)

- Gender Transition

- Transition Through Menopause

- Before Marriage

- After Divorce

- Sensuality/Sexuality Reclamation

- Brotherhood/Sisterhood/Community

Our goal is to help you set intentions, brainstorm ideas, and create a plan for a ceremony that feels aligned and authentic for you. 

To schedule your ceremony creation call, fill out the form here, and we will get back to you as soon as possible! 


Remember, no intention is too small. Life is a gift and we get to live in an ongoing state of ceremony. Every breath we breathe is a ceremony if we intend it to be. If there is something on your heart that wants to be seen and honored, please reach out!

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