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Welcome to The Pelvic Empowerment Movement! Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves!!

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

We totally get it... ✨Pelvic Empowerment✨ it's like it's intuitive until it's not. What does that even mean? Who is it for? How does one become "pelvic-ly.. empowered"?

If those questions feel like you, we just want to start by saying HIII 🙋😁 we are so happy you're here and can't wait to dive into it all with you!!

This movement has been a long time coming, and we are so excited to finally share it with the world. In this first blog post, we wanted to set the stage for you as clearly and brightly as possible! We are going to be sharing the inspiration behind this movement as well as our mission and intentions. We hope you stick around to learn more and connect with us! And as always, if you find it inspiring, be sure to share with a friend!

The Inspiration 🔮

To us, pelvic health is about so much more than just kegels and home birth. We see the duality and complexity of the pelvis: the science and the spirit, the logical and the intuitive, the gentle and the wild. So when it comes to such a sensitive *ahem* powerful part of your body, the resources matter. Just like everything else related to the pelvis: there is never one right answer. And unfortunately, a lot of the resources we were finding were too polarized. Either purely educational and narrow-minded or on the other side of the spectrum, overly spiritual and idealistic.

We decided to create this movement as a cozy in between: your all-in-one pelvic health resource that feels light and fun, is evidence based (but not too rigid), includes spirituality (but still feels totally human), and above all is inclusive of ALL people, not just cis-women.

Because true empowerment comes from seeing all the options and deciding for yourself, not blindly following what someone else says is best. Especially when it comes to the pelvis. Because believe it or not, your pelvis - and even more specifically, your relationship to your pelvis - has the capacity to profoundly impact your experience of life. The pelvic space is a physical, emotional, and energetic hub in your body. Which means that healing at your pelvis can influence *just about* every other area of life.

Your pelvis contributes to so many different experiences - both sexual and nonsexual! And unfortunately, the culture many of us grew up with feels more like pelvic shame than pelvic empowerment. One of our biggest inspirations for creating this movement was knowing that even though the pelvis is capable of such MAGIC, explicit sharing and passing down of that truth was lacking.

So many parents are afraid to give "the talk," high school sex ed isn't cutting it, and holistic support feels inaccessible for so many people. As a result, waaaay too many people are incurring trauma (physical, emotional, and energetic) in their pelvic space.

This is not okay and we want to see things change.

The Vibe 🌊

Pelvic Empowerment is that "mm yes, I know this part of my body, I know what brings me pleasure, I know how to speak my needs, claim my desires, and hold my boundaries" vibe.

It's loving how your genitals look. It's slowly massaging your belly. It's having sex with whoever you want as long as it feels aligned.

It's releasing shame. Clearing energy from past partners. Choosing how you want to orgasm because you have all the tools to unlock your unique pleasure.

It's defining your outward expression of masculinity and femininity for yourself. It's embracing both of your inner masculine and feminine energetic embodiments.

It's loving your bleed. Having the tools to navigate pain. Birthing in whatever position you want.

It is so many things, but above all, it's what feels most empowering to YOU.

The bottom line for all our teachings is "how can we help you connect to your authenticity and expression even more by connecting to the the themes of the pelvis?" Because when you are in tune with YOU: your center, your soul, the part of you that speaks directly to the magic of this universe, you know exactly what you need. And the pelvis is simply a springboard to get there.

We are here to empower you with tools so that you can be your own healer and your own biggest advocate. So that you can walk into any relationship (be it romantic or with your doctor) and feel comfortable to say "this is what I want/need, how can we make it happen?" instead of being pushed around and dragged along, always putting your actual feelings behind the pretense of "they know better... this is probably best for everyone... it can wait."

The pelvis offers a path to liberation because healing at the pelvis requires you to look at the hard things. For example ⬇️

- what's your relationship to touching your body?

- does sex vs. no sex define your worth?

- do you feel free to express your sexuality and sensuality authentically?

- what are your biggest fears around birth? death?

The answers to these questions (and so many others) start at the pelvis, but often point to the bigger themes that are at play in your life. And healing themes like people pleasing, shame, pain-aversion, etc. at the pelvic level translates directly into all other areas of life!

So in conclusion, if we had to sum it up, the vibe around here is this:

Connect with your pelvis so you can connect to your authenticity.

Love your authentic self so you can cultivate inner safety and self validation.

Act on your truth so that you can create your most expansive reality.

Boom bitches. 🎤💥💁🏻‍♀️

Our Mission & Intentions 🧭

When you're with us, the importance and grandeur of the pelvis is never missed. In fact, it is absolutely revered. We are dedicated to connecting people back to their bodies, their intuition, their pleasure, their SENSUALITY FOR LIFE, because it is in the being connected to your body that you are connected to the highest truth.

Our mission is to cultivate more awareness of the physical pelvis (alignment, pelvic floor, etc), the emotional pelvis (somatic holding, stored shame, etc), and the energetic pelvis (safety, pleasure, etc) among all people.

Our mission is to empower you with the education to say "yeah, I know exactly what's going on," the tools to say "I feel like I know how to serve myself best," and the community to say "I know I'm not alone in this experience."

Our intention is to creating a safe space (meaning open to all people), an honest space (meaning truth above all), and a challenging space (meaning gentle but expansive growth) for you to explore your pelvis and craft a more intentional relationship with it.

Pelvic Empowerment is a personal initiative to get back to the core of your authentic expression by reconnecting to the wisdom of your body - specifically your pelvis, your pleasure, and your power.

What About You? 🔥

Our deepest desire is for you to come home to the magic of your body and literally change the trajectory of generations to come because of it. That is the power you have within you.

If this movement resonates with you, we would loooove to know! Leave a comment telling us what you're most excited to learn, what patterns you're most excited to evolve, and/or what Pelvic Empowerment means to you.

Your presence in this space is not taken lightly - we love, honor, and respect your entire being. Thank you for being here. We promise to do our best to offer you the most while maintaining the highest integrity! Sending you lots of love! - The Pelvic Empowerment Team ♥️





Very cool! Excited to learn more!



INCREDIBLE! I could FEEL the energy and power and magic!! Excited for this much needed movement! Awakening to your authentic self is what it's all about! THANK YOU for showing up in your power and sharing!


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