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The Emotional and Energetic sides of Your Pelvis

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Physically, your pelvis is one of the most important structures of your body. It contributes to your balance, your core control, your ability to pee, poop, and orgasm... and even more beyond that! But you can read all about that here. In this post, I want to shed light on the less commonly discussed aspects of the pelvis - the emotional and energetic sides.

Emotionally, your pelvic muscles can store unexpressed emotions, namely emotions like shame, fear, unfulfillment, self doubt, and others similar.

When a muscle "stores emotions" it means that the quality of the muscle is changed as a result of an emotion that was unexpressed and thus got "stuck" in the body.

For example: you experience fear, your pelvic muscles tighten as a result, but you never fully express that fear, so the muscle stays tight!

Over time, this can result in: - numbness

- rigidity

- hypersensitivity

- unspecific pain

- chronic pain

Your emotions and your pelvis are directly linked. I discuss the mechanics of this process more in depth in this blog post.

So why is this important?

Because when navigating pelvic symptoms like pain with sex, painful periods, inability to orgasm, (and others similar) it is important and necessary to not only consider the physical state, but your emotional state as well.

For example, if you're having pain with penetration resulting from tight pelvic muscles, you may get relief from physically stretching your pelvic muscles.

But if your muscles are tightening from unexpressed anxiety or internalized shame, all the stretching in the world is not going to offer you a sustainable solution.

Energetically, your pelvis is home to your Root Chakra, your Sacral Chakra, and your Womb Space.

All people have these energetic centers, regardless of gender or anatomy.

These centers influence the energies of inner safety, pleasure & receiving, and creation, respectively.

Attuning to these energies give you an opportunity to bring balance and healing into your experience. The way that you interact with each of these energies, gives insight as to what healing may serve you best.

For instance, if your relationship to the energy of safety is rigid you may notice yourself being hyper-vigilant. If your relationship to pleasure is underdeveloped, you may notice yourself struggling to receive. There are an infinite amount of ways that your energy may present. It is a practice to learn your body's unique langue and offer yourself whatever unique medicine would be supportive!

In addition, the pelvis is home to a number of energetically sensitive processes.

Your monthly bleed, for instance, is a physical process of releasing the uterine lining as well as an energetic process of releasing any stagnant energy from the past cycle.

Similarly, every time you open yourself to having sex with a partner, there is the potential to remain energetically tethered to that person, even after the exchange is over.

Another example is surgery. Any type of invasive surgery will leave the pelvis energetically impacted. It is important to take time to clear and reset the energy in your pelvic bowl before and after any major medical event.

And speaking of major events: birth! The continuum of conception to postpartum has huge energetic implication for the pelvis. Energetic practices can help keep your pelvic bowl feeling held and nourished though a season of major transition. Here are some examples of the practices we teach/recommend: opening the womb (to create a welcoming space for your potential baby), releasing the maiden archetype (allowing yourself to transition into parenthood and leave a different version of yourself behind), clearing the womb (after any miscarriage events or after birth), and/or re-grounding the womb (to anchor safety in postpartum).

Considering your emotional and energetic literacy/wellness is an essential part of the Pelvic Empowerment journey.

Unfortunately, many mainstream services, especially western medical services, don't always acknowledge these sides of pelvic healing and wellness.

Here at The Pelvic Empowerment Movement, we believe that all of it deserves a seat at the table. And, moreover, we firmly believe that attempting to heal the pelvis without acknowledging the emotional and energetic is incomplete and can never be fully resolved.

If you've been struggling with any pelvic symptoms and feel like something has been missing, this might be it! Feel free to book a Pelvic Empowerment Coaching session to explore YOUR unique emotional and energetic interplay.



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