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Your period is so much more than just your bleed - it is just one part of the menstrual cycle. And the way we relate to your menstrual cycle as a whole determines how you experience many aspects of life.


Intro to Your Inner Seasons offers the Pelvic Empowerment perspective on cyclical living. This bundle includes the Intro to Your Inner Seasons Masterclass which will explore both the science and spirt of your hormone cycle, as well as the Intro to Your Inner Seasons Embodiment Workshop which will guide you through an experience to help you connect to your body and your inner seasons on an experiential level. 


Participant Testimonial:

Dr. Liliana’s masterclass beautifully weaves together the foundational scientific knowledge of the female cycle with the energetic and emotional wisdom that connects us all to our divine feminine. This course is a powerful introduction into stepping into your power and expanding into the next version of you. I loved this masterclass and recommend this to anyone ready to know themselves on a deeper level and unlock the power within.


If you want to meet every part of your body, your cycle, your feminine with an open heart, mind, body and soul, I highly recommend Dr. Liliana’s work. I have never felt so held and safe in my own body. With the gentle and loving guidance from Dr. Liliana, she leads you on a journey to discover your own cyclical energy and power by tapping into your divine feminine power. It was vulnerable, raw and activating in the best way possible. I feel so empowered and in touch with my cycle and womb in a way I have never experienced before. The knowledge of my cycle, combined with my inner wisdom that Dr. Liliiana helped to unlock has allowed me to connect with myself and begin to build a stronger and more loving relationship with my body. This work has opened my eyes to a new way of being and I am forever grateful to Dr. Liliana and her work. It is truly transformational.


- Christina Rodriguez, Into to Your Inner Seasons Masterclass & Workshop

Inner Seasons Bundle

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