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Originally recorded for Claudia Scott's Unconditioned Woman Memberhsip, this masterclass was recorded with the intention of giving an introduction/overview of what Pelvic Empowerment looks like!


We're offering it at such a low price point because we believe everyone should have access to these perspectives!! We will continue to charge for our classes and workshops becuase we value the time and energy it takes to curate information and present to a live audience; however, we sincerely hope that you take advantage of the lower cost and that purchasing and consuming our content feels supportive and expansive for you!!


This masterclass includes common cultural limiting beliefs about the pelvis and contrasts them with Pelvic Empowerment perspectives and relevant Feminine energetic qualities. 


FEARLESS: A look into the world of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. The importance of trusting your body.


SHAMELSS: Some common trends associated with sex and pleasure. Opening to receive more without shame or guilt.  


WILD: The reality for many who bleed/menstruate. Ways to surrender to flow during this time. 


The class concludes with a brief follow along embodiment practice to help integrate the concepts presented!


In this recording, the shares and reflections have been cut out to protect the privacy of the participants. We had a very stimulating conversation following this class and we want you to have access to that as well. If you choose to watch this masterclass and have any reflections that want to be seen or shared, please feel free to reach out or share in one of the relevant groups!

Fearless, Shameless, and Wild

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