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A collection of pelvic-based embodiment practices to honor your fear, anxiety, & chaos, and uncover inner safety and authentic power

Your pelvis is physical, emotional, and energetic.

Culturally, you have been conditioned to be disconnected from the many aspects of your pelvis.

But your pelvis is a powerful source of SAFETY, PLEASURE, and CREATION energy. 

You can leverage the power of your pelvis to cultivate a practice of self-sourcing safety so that you can access your authentic power and dive deep in your pelvic healing process. 


The process of noticing, feeling, alchemizing. In other words ~ the key to safety.

When you know how to 1) welcome your sensations and  2) validate your truth, you can anchor safety in any situation.


Being grounded in your body means you feel fully resourced and fully held.


The pelvis is the perfect place to cultivate this skill, because it has so much to offer you in return. Your physical, emotional, and energetic pelvis is here to serve you. It is now your job to do the work, take the leap, and curiously explore!

This program is intended to be supportive for people on a journey of:

Pelvic Healing

Pelvic healing is NOT possible without safety in the body.


The pelvis stores some of your most complex experiences. Attempting to heal any wounds here (whether it's physical or emotional/ energetic) without knowing how to ground in the body FIRST would be at best a disservice and at worst traumatizing. 

This program offers you a playlist of practices to guide you to a deeper connection with your physical pelvis, your Root, and your Womb to cultivate safety.

This is the first step in releasing pain, avoidance, and shame in the pelvis.

For the the girls, the gays, and the theys who are on a pelvic healing jounrey and are ready to ground into safety to heal the wounds of the past, heal pain, and welcome joy - this ones for you!!

Liberated Expression

Even if you aren't looking to heal pelvic specific traumas, connecting to your pelvis can be a powerful first step to accessing your authentic power!!


If you are done people pleasing, filtering your voice, or taming your desires just to make other people more comfortable, learning how to access your pelvis for safety can be life changing!!

Knowing how to access safety via pelvic embodiment practices means you can support yourself in moments when confusion, chaos, or anxiety arrive. And love yourself in all the moments that uncertainty, sadness, and suppression show up too.

If safety is the soil, your expression is the flower. This program & your newfound connection to your pelvis  will be the fertilizer that nourishes and supports that powerful expression!

Why Safety?

Safety in the body is the essence of calm, presence, and trust. A feeling that no matter what happens, you can hold it with peace and love in your heart. There is no sense of chaotic urgency. No pressure to act or decide. No judgement or fear. Just a gentle awareness of what is happening and an openness to receive or redirect. 

When safety is not present, you may be more likely to let subconscious pattens dictate your perception of reality as well as your response to it. 


Your body remembers everything: it holds all of the emotions that go unexpressed. However! The connections your brain makes and the response of your tissues are never set in stone. By cultivating safety, you can tap into this system so that you can heal and craft the reality that you actually want!

Humans have evolved to avoid pain and seek pleasure. When safety is not sourced from within, you live for others in hopes of receiving validation. Self sourced safety means you live for YOU!

Why The Pelvis?

Physical Base: Your pelvis is the structural foundation of you body in many contexts. When you're sitting, everything stacks on top of your pelvis. When you're standing your pelvis is your center of gravity. This is both metaphoracally and literally why you can source so much safety from this part of your body.

Root Chakra: This is your energetic center of safety, abundance and belonging. It is also your direct connection to the power of the Earth. Because the Root comes first, bringing this center into balance is necessary for feeling balance in all other energetic centers. A healthy connection to your Root means you can tap into safety at any time. 

Your Womb Space: All people have an energetic womb, and it is the center of creation energy and sustained nourishment. Attention and intentional healing here can help cultivate an unending well of resources that is always available within you. 

Your voice, your power, your authenticity are a natural result of your inner SAFETY. This program is meant to offer you a toolbox of practices to cultivate your unique flavor of inner safety. 


I'm offering the tools so that you can be in connection with the Earth, with your Soul, with your highest Truth. All you have to do is reach in and take whatever you need, whenever you desire.

12 Practices

Pelvic Specific and Whole Body

Practices meant to get you out of your head and into your body. The tools to ground into safety, authenticity, and power.

Video Instruction

Loving Guidance from Dr. Liliana

Embodied examples and explanations to help you understand the practice. Not all include a "follow along" component.

Context + Tips

Thorough and Thoughtful Modules

Supports a variety of learning styles and easy referencing. Intentionally written to support any journey. 


3 Ways to Receive

Self Paced

Buy the program now and start whenever you'd like! Visit and revisit whenever you'd like. Access available until further notice (at least 1 year, always check emails for updates).



Group Coaching

Receive access to the program PLUS an intimate group to practice with, share your experience, receive feedback, and hear/learn from others.

All people welcome!

Group container is Nov 20th to Dec 10th


Live calls, virtual group forum, personalized feedback, 2 ceremonies and 7 private workshops!

An incredible value if you're looking to go deeper!!



VIP 1:1 Coaching

Access to the program, plus the group, PLUS private, personalized support. 

Group container and support window is Nov 20th to Dec 10th


Includes the entire group experience plus 3 60-minute calls (1x weekly) and daily chat support (via Voxer)

The most luxurious and intimate option if you want to catalyze shifts NOW.


The Vibe You Can Expect:

The Program:  Intentional writing • Gender neutrality • Attention to the Physical, the Emotional, and the Energetic • The Pelvis as a portal - reference to the pelvic floor, root chakra, and womb space • Moving your body • Using your imagination • Invitations to curiously explore (never any "should" or "have to's)" 

The Group:  Conscious Community • Loving accountability • New friends • Supporting each other • Celebrating each other • Dr. Liliana's energy always close by • Ceremony vibes • Sleepover vibes • "Omg they get it" • "I am not alone" • "I belong, I matter"

The VIP Experience:  Deep integration • Inner exploration • Ongoing support • Dr. Liliana in your back pocket at all times • Intimate 1:1 space • Healing old wounds • Anchoring truth • Warm nourishment • Full body transformation • "I am held" • "I am seen and heard"

Your peace comes from your internal chemistry not your external circumstance. Understanding the Nervous System is one thing, having the tools to re-center and self regulate is another. I hope this program can offer both through the pelvis as one of the tools you use on your journey for deeper love, self acceptance, and authenticity. 💋✨

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