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E M B O D I M E N T.

Noticing, feeling, ALCHEMIZING. ~ that's what this program is all about.

It's about grounding into your body - being acutely aware of your experience. So that from a place of full presence, you get to *choose* between surrendered acceptance or a loving shift. 

This Program is for 2 Types of People:

Those on a Pelvic Healing Journey

For all the baddies that want to feel connected to their pelvis, but instead feel shame, avoidance, or embarrassment.


For the shes/theys/gays who experience pelvic pain and are ready to ground into safety to heal the wounds of the past, heal pain, and welcome joy.

For all you cuties who WANT to feel magic of your pelvis and your intuition. 


This program is it - it will guide you to a deeper connection to your physical pelvis, your Root and your Womb.


All in the name of connecting with your body and reclaiming your power.

Those on a Liberated Expression Journey

For the betches who are done people pleasing, filtering their voice, or taming their desires to make other people more comfy.

For all the babes who are terrified of being seen as their true self, but deep down are ready for change.

For my badasses who are over feeling numb, confused, or anxious.

This is the program that helps you cultivate deep presence with your body, and honor all parts of your experience.

So that you can validate yourself in the name of authentic expression and owning your TRUTH.

Your voice, your power, your authenticity are a natural result of your inner SAFETY. This program is meant to offer you a toolbox of practices to cultivate your unique flavor of inner safety. 


I'm offering the tools so that you can be in connection with the Earth, with your Soul, with your highest Truth. All you have to do is reach in and take whatever you need, whenever you desire.

12 Practices

Pelvic Specific and Whole Body

Practices meant to get you out of your head and into your body. The tools to ground into safety, authenticity, and power.

Video Instruction

Loving Guidance from Dr. Liliana

Embodied examples and explanations to help you understand the practice. Not all include a "follow along" component.

Context + Tips

Thorough and Thoughtful Modules

Supports a variety of learning styles and easy referencing. Intentionally written to support any journey. 


3 Ways to Receive

Self Paced

Buy the program now and start whenever you'd like! Visit and revisit whenever you'd like. Access available until further notice (at least 1 year, always check emails for updates).



Group Coaching

Receive access to the program PLUS an intimate group to practice with, share your experience, receive feedback, and hear/learn from others.

All people welcome!

Group container is Nov 20th to Dec 10th


Live calls and virtual group format

Includes 2 ceremonies and 5 Workshops

An incredible value if you're looking to go deeper!!



VIP 1:1 Coaching

Access to the program, plus the group, PLUS private, personalized support. 

Group container and support window is Nov 20th to Dec 10th


Includes entire group experience

3 60-minute calls (1x weekly)

Daily chat support (via Voxer)

The most luxurious and intimate option if you want to catalyze shifts NOW.


The Vibe You Can Expect:

The Program:  Intentional writing • Gender neutrality • Attention to the Physical, the Emotional, and the Energetic • The Pelvis as a portal - reference to the pelvic floor, root chakra, and womb space • Moving your body • Using your imagination • Invitations to curiously explore (never any "should" or "have to's)" 

The Group:  Conscious Community • Loving accountability • New friends • Supporting each other • Celebrating each other • Dr. Liliana's energy always close by • Ceremony vibes • Sleepover vibes • "Omg they get it" • "I am not alone" • "I belong, I matter"

The VIP Experience:  Deep integration • Inner exploration • Ongoing support • Dr. Liliana in your back pocket at all times • Intimate 1:1 space • Healing old wounds • Anchoring truth • Warm nourishment • Full body transformation • "I am held" • "I am seen and heard"

Your peace comes from your internal chemistry not your external circumstance. Understanding the Nervous System is one thing, having the tools to re-center and self regulate is another. I hope this program can offer both as one of the many tools you use on your journey for deeper love, self acceptance, and authenticity.


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