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E M B O D I M E N T. Noticing, feeling, ALCHEMIZING. ~ that's what this program is all about. It's about being aware of your experience. So that from a place of full presence, you get to *choose* between surrendered acceptance or a loving shift. Your voice, your power, your authenticity are a natural result of your inner SAFETY. This program is meant to offer you a toolbox of practices to cultivate your unique flavor of inner safety. I'm offering the tools so that you can be in connection with the Earth, with your Soul, with your highest Truth. All you have to do is reach in and take whatever you need, whenever you desire. Your peace comes from your internal chemistry not your external circumstance. Understanding the Nervous System is one thing, having the tools to re-center and self regulate is another. I hope this program can offer both as one of the many tools you use on your journey for deeper love, self acceptance, and authenticity. 💋✨ ___ What You Get: • List of 12 Practices • Context • Video Instruction (not all practices have a follow along component) • Tips/Affirmations The Vibe You Can Expect: • Intentional writing • Gender neutrality • Attention to the Physical, the Emotional, and the Energetic • The Pelvis as a powerful portal - reference to the pelvic floor, root chakra, and wombspace • Practices specific to the pelvis, the body as a whole, and your imagination • Invitations to curious exploration - your body as sovereign

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